Take a look at this list of beers.


Which ones have you had?  Which are on your want list?  Which are in your cellar?

  • Fremont Cinnamon Bourbon Abominable
  • Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Stout
  • Toppling Goliath SR-71
  • Cigar City Double Barrel Aged Hunahpu
  • Fremont Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Coffee Edition
  • Perennial Artisan Ales Barrel-Aged Abraxas
  • Deschutes The Abyss
  • Westbrook Mexican Cake
  • Founders Canadian Breakfast Stout
  • Firestone Walker Parabola
  • Bottle Logic Fundamental Observation
  • Cycle Rare DOS
  • The Bruery Black Tuesday
  • Epic Big Bad Baptist


If this list of beers is appealing to you, whether you’ve had them, want them, or covet them, you should read on.


At Bombastic Brewing, we drink these beers on the regular.  We’ve consumed every one and more in one sitting, to compare their differences.  We’ve even done blind tastings, judging and ranking them without knowing which one is which.


You could say We Know Beer.


And we’re making beer.  Not only that, but our releases so far are just teasers of our capabilities.


We’ve released Murder, a 10% Imperial Stout with cinnamon, vanilla bean, cocoa nibs, ancho chilies, and cayenne pepper.  People love it.  It tastes like a Mexican chocolate cake, with judicious proportions of the adjuncts tested over two years of batches.


We released Attempted Murder, the same 10% Imperial Stout, but only with cinnamon and vanilla bean.  This was actually our first release, and people loved it, too.


We released Aggravated Murder, a 13.5% Imperial Stout with maple syrup and cold press coffee.  This beer has a silky body, and isn’t too sweet.  We added the maple to the boil to add woody notes without making the beer sweet, and the cold press coffee is carefully proportioned to enhance flavor without dominating the palate.


Here’s the thing:  We have the recipes; we’ve tested them with bourbon barrels from Woodinville Whiskey; we’ve tested with bourbon barrels used to make barrel aged maple syrup, and we’ve tested with rum barrels.  These were all pre-opening batches that the Bombastic Brewing team made for our own consumption.


We would like to make this quality of Barrel-Aged beer for you.


But we need your help.


We need you to become a Benefactor.


A benefactor is someone who helps a cause with money.


The cause is great beer.  Great barrel-aged beer, made here in north Idaho. The cause is raising the bar on the quality level of beer brewed in our region.  We want to bring the thunder and the magic that the breweries above have brought to their areas.


Here’s how it works:


We’re offering you a chance to become a founding member of the Bombastic Benefactors Barrel-Aged Beer membership.  This membership starts January 1st, 2018.  To thank you for becoming a Bombastic Benefactor, here’s what we will do for you:


  • Eight Barrel Aged Beers – During 2018, we’ll brew, barrel-age, and complete eight unique beers for Bombastic Benefactors.  These beers will be bottled exclusively for  Benefactors.What kind of beers can you expect? Stouts, barleywines, and other styles that are high ABV, and good for barrel-aging.What kind of barrels?  Expect bourbon, rum, brandy, and other barrels that are good for barrel aging beers.
  • Early Buying Opportunity – During 2018, for all bottle releases, Benefactors will get the first shot at all bottle releases, before the public.
  • Exclusive Growler Fills – During bottle releases and brew days, we’ll have occasional specialty and one-off beers on tap only, with growler fill opportunities open only to Benefactors.
  • Half off Growler Fills – ½ priced growler fills for regular beers during those times.
  • SWAG – When you sign up for 1 Bombastic Benefactor membership, you’ll get an exclusive 2018 Bombastic Benefactors T-Shirt to show off.  When you sign up for 2 or more memberships, you can choose a Bombastic Trucker Hat or a 2nd T-Shirt.


Note about the Benefactors Barrel-Aged Beers:


If there are extra, unclaimed bottles of a given beer during 2018, Bombastic Benefactors will have the opportunity to purchase extras at retail pricing.


Each Bombastic Benefactors membership entitles you to 1 bottle each of 8 unique beers.  If you want to get more than one of each, you are welcome to sign up for more than one membership.  For instance, 2 memberships gets you 2 bottles of each; 3 gets you 3 bottles of each, etc.


The bottle value of just the beer included in the membership will be no less than $200.  This means you’ll get a better deal by signing up for extra memberships now.


To become a Bombastic Benefactor for 2018, the price is $150 + tax per membership.


Update: We’re moving forward!  To join the Benefactors, go here:

Bombastic Benefactors


There is a caveat.


We’ve done the math, and there’s a bare minimum number of Benefactors we need to trigger this 2018 Bombastic Benefactors Barrel-Aged Beer program.


We’re taking applications now, and we will close sign-ups on December 31st, 2017.


As soon as we meet the minimum number of Benefactors required, we’ll send you a bill to complete your Membership.


If we do not reach the minimum by December 31st, 2017, we’ll notify you.


And one more thing.


Not only is there a minimum, there is a maximum number of Bombastic Benefactors we can allow to sign up.  If you’re interested, don’t delay, because we have strict limits on the amount of beer we can produce as a small operation, and the size of barrels further restricts the total amount of beer that we can make.  To ensure your inclusion in the Bombastic Benefactors membership, apply now.

How you can help.


As a Bombastic Benefactor, we know you want to help us with the cause of great beer.  You can help us reach the minimum number of Benefactors by signing up for more than one membership for yourself, by giving the gift of Bombastic Benefactordom to a beer lover, or by simply spreading the word among your beer tasting group.


We at Bombastic Brewing thank you and appreciate your support.