I’m going to talk about Beer Futures.  To do that, I will start by talking about wine.


Have you ever seen a Top 100 wine, or a 99 or 100 point wine in a magazine or online?  Have you ever tried to actually buy a bottle?


In the wine industry, the best wines are already sold by the time the magazines start talking about them.  If it gets press, it’s already too late to buy it.  Only the insiders have them.


In Washington State, the two best examples are Cayuse and Quilceda Creek.  Cayuse is a great example, as they sell their wines a year before release.  You have to pick up on the members only invite weekend, but you paid for them a year before.


In France the top Burgundies and Bordeauxs are sold via futures, and in California the haute brands like Screaming Eagle and Nickel & Nickel are not available on the regular market at any price.


What does this have to do with beer?


While wineries have been in the premier beverage space for hundreds of years, craft breweries are just starting to break into the quality levels that necessitate huge investment.  Wineries have been aging their wine in expensive oak barrels for some time, and craft breweries are relatively new to the concept.


Breweries that have been selling futures include Cigar City, Ale Apothecary, The Bruery, Wolves & People, Night Shift, de Garde, Lost Abbey, Crooked Stave, Fifty Fifty, and Hill Farmstead.


The two forces that create the opportunity for futures are the high cost of barrels relative to the “juice” and the waiting time it takes to arrive at the final product.


Futures are an incredible way to solve this problem.  By offering a great deal to people who are willing to partner with the brewery the brewer can raise the capital required to produce these incredible beers up front.


By sharing in the waiting time, the futures buyer saves money on the final product.  Additionally, in a lot of cases the entire production of the beer is sold through the futures program, and the futures buyer ends up with the only guaranteed allotment of that beer.


Bombastic Benefactors is the first beer futures program we are aware of in the Inland Northwest.


We have been practicing our Barrel-Aged beers for 3 years on a small scale.  We’ve learned a lot and have a good track record of making high quality BA beers that stand up to anything produced across the nation.


None of these beers have been commercially available, however, because we haven’t been a commercially licensed brewery until June 2017!  Our inner circle of beer aficionados have been tasting them.


We would like to bring you into our inner circle.  We want to produce 8 new Barrel-Aged beers in 2018, and we want you to join the 2018 Bombastic Benefactors as a beer futures program.


As is typical in beer futures, we don’t want to reveal exactly what we will be producing up front, for multiple reasons.  One is if something goes wrong in brewing or barrel aging, we want the flexibility to be able to take care of you with a back-up brew, so that we can be certain to fulfill our promise to you.


Another reason is that beer at this level is an expeditionary experience.  It is meant to be consumed with friends, exploring the flavors produced by the brewing and barrel aging process.  It’s a discovery process, not a dictatorship.


With that in mind, we do want to give you an idea of some of the styles, barrels, and adjuncts we have been practicing with and plan to work with.  Stouts, porters, barleywines, and adambiers are our wheelhouse.  Bourbon and rum barrels are our favorite.  Cinnamon, various craft coffee, coconut, chocolate / cocoa nibs, vanilla, and culinary peppers are the types of adjuncts we love.


To become a Bombastic Benefactor for 2018, the price is $150 + tax per membership.

To sign up for membership, go here:



Important Notes:


We need a minimum number of Bombastic Benefactors to be able to launch this program.  As of right now, 32 Bombastic Benefactors have signed up.  We need to reach a minimum of 50 Benefactors to launch.  We’d like to be able to announce the success of the program before Christmas.


We’re not taking money yet.  Signing up now does not require payment at this time.  It is a commitment in that if we reach 50 people we will bill you and you will need to pay, likely the last week of December or in January, however you do not need to have the money today to sign up.