Bombastic Brewing

Where are we brewing?

Where can I get Bombastic Brewing beers?

Bombastic Brewing releases beer by email. Sign up to get our beer.

Where is Bombastic Brewing?

Short answer: Bombastic Brewing is founded by beer geeks in north Idaho as a gypsy brewery.

Long answer:

Bombastic Brewing is a beer brand built on the gypsy brewing ethos.  It can also be called a contract, phantom or virtual brewery.

What does this mean?

It means Bombastic Brewing isn’t a pub, restaurant, tasting room, or even a production facility.  It’s an idea.  It’s the idea that craft beer should be fresh, delicious, unique, balanced, and above all give you your money’s worth.

How can we deliver all of this?

We’re making great beer using the same model that made Sam Adams, Mikkeller and Evil Twin great.  It’s called contract, gypsy, virtual or phantom brewing.  By partnering with your local brewery we can put together unique beer, get it to you with a minimum of shipping so we keep it fresh, and invest in our research & development.  This helps your local brewery as well, as their expensive equipment can be making more beer, and collecting less dust.

How can I try Bombastic beer?

Ask for Bombastic Brewing at your local bar and bottle shop.  We’ll be publishing outlets for beer as soon as we have them, so make sure you Sign Up to be the first to know.

Where do you do R&D?  Where is your Pilot Brewery?

Bombastic Brewing does have a licensed pilot brewing system for testing batches in Hayden, Idaho.  This isn’t open to the public.

Orders for Local Pick Up at Bombastic on Brew Day Only, May 12th 10-4pm. Dismiss

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