Santa Caws Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout

Santa Caws

Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout


10.5% ABV Imperial Stout with orange and chocolate.

Santa Caws brings you good tidings. This imperial stout harkens back to the Christmas days of old when you might find a chocolate orange in your stocking. Savour this rich silky stout with notes of hot chocolate to make merry. A zest of orange flutters on the nose and lightly on the palate with a dash of nutmeg to round out this cup of cheer.

Enjoy by the fireside and with friends.

IBU: 47


Seasonal: Winter


  • November 2023

Formats Available:

6/4/16oz Cans, 1/6 BBL

Utah Special Order #:

922722 Click here to special order from UDABS

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