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Bombastic Brewing

We Know Beer

Ordering Open: Must read instructions

We are releasing a limited run of 3 different beers!

Pick-up will be at the Bombastic Brewing pilot facility at 11100 N. Airport Dr, Hayden, ID [MAP] on Saturday, December 16th, from 11-4pm.

This is a great time to add on hats, shirts, and glassware to your order, also available for pickup at that time.

Local Pickups Only: This round of ordering is ONLY for local pickups.  All merchandise and beer must be picked up locally, no shipping will be arranged.

Note: All orders are final.  You, or someone you designate in the order notes with Over 21 ID can pick up your order during the designated pick-up window.  If nobody shows up to pick up your order, it is forfeit, and no other arrangements or refunds will be made.

Stock is limited: Stock is strictly limited, and is sold on a First Come, First Served basis, with no limits.  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Easter Egg: Add 3 different beers to your cart to see something special.

How do I get Bombastic Brewing beers?

Bombastic Brewing is a very new, very small brewery producing high quality beer.  In order to get our beer, join our email list where we will inform you of how to get our beer as it becomes available.

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Bars, restaurants and bottle shops can contact us here.

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Bombastic Beer Releases

Bombastic Brewing Christmas 2017 Beer Releases

We have a number of opportunities to have a Bombastic Christmas for 2017. Check out these opportunities, and don’t miss out!

Bombastic Beer Releases
2018 Bombastic Benefactors Barrel-Aged Beer Membership
Bombastic Barrel-Aged Tasting Preview
Bombastic Apparel

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2018 Bombastic Benefactors

Take a look at this list of beers. Which ones have you had? Which are on your want list? Which are in your cellar? We would like to make this quality of Barrel-Aged beer for you.

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Upcoming Bombastic Events

Bombastic Brewing is an Independent Craft Brewery, and we support the Brewer’s Association’s effort to help us self-identify as independent craft breweries.

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